6 Actionable Spa/Pool Marketing Ideas

Marketing your website can be a challenge. However, with the right marketing ideas and execution, you can turn your website into an endless revenue source. When something is typically difficult it creates a higher barrier to entry and difficult for your competitors to stay on track. In this article we will be giving you 6 marketing tips to help your pool and spa company sell more hot tubs, custom pool designs, pool builds or your product/service of choice.

1) Is Your Website A Zero Or A Hero?

website design for pool companies

You Have 5 Seconds to be a ‘Hero or a Zero’

Creating a website that produces results should contain a design that the end-user can both understand and trust within the first 5 seconds of visiting your website. No matter how small your company might be, having a simple but professional website will allow you to compete with larger companies.  The object of the website is to transform a visitor into an interested prospect. In this day and age, just about everyone goes to the internet to find the service they’re looking for. This brings us to the point of which first impressions really do make a difference. If a potential customer were to visit your site they’re basing their decision whether they’re interested in your company on the following:

  • A modern and digestible design (something they are both attracted to and can understand quickly)
  • Always have your contact info in plain sight (provide hints for them to take action and make the call, it could make all the difference) 
  • Build trust by adding an embedded Yelp review, or screenshot of 5 star Google Reviews

2) Dominating The Search Engines (Google, Bing)

pool seo ideas

Dominate Search Advertising

So once you’ve created a website that your satisfied with you are going to want to guide traffic to your website. If someone were to search Pool and Spa companies the goal is to be on the top of the list of results. There are 3 different ways to achieve such a task

The first way is called pay-per-click advertising. This is basically an advertisement that you put together and upload to auction-based systems such as Bing Ads and Google words. The positive aspect of this is your ad will show up near the top (reserved for paid ads). Not only that, but you can zone in on a specific area where you would like this ad to show up. For example, you might prefer your ad to be placed in an area where surpluses of people are purchasing Spas.  

Next step would be to set up and optimize your Google My Business.  This would allow you to have maps listing and a review platform to target searches geographically.  Next would be organic website listings which also fall under the category of free clicks similar to Google My Business. Your ranking grows by optimizing your website for gaining links, getting social media traffic, keywords and adding content to your blog.

If you follow these specific tactics effectively, showing up on page one can be a reality.  

  • Fill out your entire listing (hours, images etc.)
  • Optimize the filename of your images with the contents of each image

Example: If Johns Pools and Spas had a picture of his Master Spas showroom you would title the image “Johns Pools and Spas Master Spas showroom”

  • Create your direct review link and send it to your email list or any previous customers, additionally, you can set up an in-store incentive for leaving a review in-store ($50 off etc.)
  • Create business citations with 20-30 of the top citations sources such as Yelp, Manta, Chamber of Commerce, Foursquare etc.
  • Have an in-store employee or contact us to help you with your on-page optimizations
  • Focus Keyword in Headings, variation in subheadings
  • Focus keyword in body and alt tags of images
  • Geo-tagged images in your location on your website
  • Schema markup

3) Retargeting Your Website Visitors

pool company facebook ad ideas

Targeting Consumers Who Already Visited Your Website & Didn’t Convert

This is one type of ad that could make all the difference. Retargeting ads are ads that are shown to visitors who clicked on one of your ads, visited your website, or visited your contact page yet didn’t submit the contact form Persistence is a crucial aspect when it comes to retargeting as well as understanding your audience. Here’s an example of a recent campaign we ran for one of our clients running a hot tub and swim spa tent expo:

The Landing Page

The Result (note: this is simply an example, we ran 20-30 of these micro ads)


4) Reputation Management

online reputation for spa and pool companies

Managing Your Online Reviews

Everything affects your reputation, it also doesn’t take much for 1 disgruntled employee or customer to negatively affect your 5-star reputation. Today your reputation is based mainly off of the reviews that customers leave on the internet pertaining to their experience with your company.  Your website isn’t enough anymore the majority of people in search of a specific service that they require will go on Trade Certified, APSP, Facebook, or Google. On those sites, they will rightly so allow the comments of previous experiences with your company sway their decision on whether or not they want to give you their business.

So now that you realize how vital making the customer happy is, next comes action so you have nothing to worry about. There is an outcome for everything you do whether that be good or bad. Choose to go above and beyond separating yourself from the competition will lead to high ratings with superb reviews on the web. On the other hand if not the results are opposite and will most definitely come back to haunt you.  

Obviously negative reviews will happen eventually, but those require the most attention. Keep close tabs on your online reputation and when a negative comment is made make an effort to contact the person and offer a solution to their problem.  In doing so it could change the way that customer views your company dramatically and result in 1 a happy customer, 2 possibly their friends being future customers as well. When you get excellent reviews, highlight them as testimonials on your website. So hopefully when they visit they can see reviews and comments there and won’t have to look further.

5) Create Video Content

video content for pool and spa companies

Not many people make the investment to create a professional video showing what exactly it is your business brings to the table. If a professional video isn’t in the budget consider producing a lower budget “how to” videos that can provide an easy entertaining introduction to your business. The goal would be to walk through and educate someone on how to choose the right pool and spa for their liking. This immediately creates trust and places you at the forefront of their brain when it comes time to make a decision.

Here are some budget-friendly video content services:

6) Partnership Marketing

partnerships for pool companies

Leveraging Relevant Local Businesses

So I know it’s hard to believe in this day and age, but not all growth in business comes from the internet. You should strive to make friends with other businesses that would refer your company. Specifically home remodeling contractors, or landscape design companies.

Not just any though, make sure they have a solid reputation as well. In doing so you’ll come to an agreement to give each other referrals, resulting in more business for both parties involved.

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